Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alan Luo Zhi Xiang

Alan Luo Wallpaper

Alan Luo Wallpaper

Name: 羅志祥 / Luo Zhi Xiang
English name: Show Lo / Alan Luo
Also known as: 小豬 (Xiao Zhu) / Mr. Pig
Profession: Host, singer and actor
Birthdate: 1979-Jul-30
Chinese Astrological Sign: Goat
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Blood type: O
Personality: Outgoing, like to think about things
Likes to Collect: Hats, Perfumes, Cellphones
Likes: Basketball, Dancing, Swimming, Shopping
Favorite Color : Red, Black, any bright colors
Favorite Music : Hip-hop
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Fruit: Watermelon, Papaya
Favorite Animal: Dog, Cat
Favorite Season: Winter
Scared of: Snake, Ghost
Hates to be: misunderstood, scolded at
Specialty: Drum, Singing, Dancing, Diving
Quote: Grasp every small chance
Languages: Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese
Host of 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百), along with Huang Hong Sheng
Dubbed as Taiwan's "dancing king"
Blog : (Chinese)

TV Shows

* Hot Shot (CTV, 2008)
* Corner with Love (CTV, 2007)
* The Outsiders II (GTV, 2004)
* Hi! Working Girl (CTV, 2003)
* Spicy Hot Teacher (CTS)
* Girls Go Forward (CTS)
* The Youth of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai (CTV, 2001)
* When We Are Nesting Together (Public TV)

TV Shows Theme Songs
* Hot Shot, Hot Shot (2008)
* Ai Zhuan Jiao (愛轉角), Corner with Love (2007)
* Hui Se Kong Jian (灰色空間), The Outsiders II (2004)
* Ni Shuo Ni De Wo Shuo Wo De (妳說妳的 我說我的), Hi! Working Girl (2003)

* Button Man
* Two and Half Detectives- There are Ghosts in the School's Backyard
* Expect A Miracle (2001)

* HEY SONG Sarsaparilla 黑松沙士 (2007)
* PEPSI- Soya Bean (2007)
* Green Teahouse- Jasmine Tea (2007)
* BenQ- SIEMENS EF71 (2007)
* Big Train Jeans (2007)
* McDonalds' (along with Rainie Yang) (2007)
* Big Train Jeans (2006)
* Watsons- The Most Intimate Good Friend Series (2006)
* McDonalds'- Big Mac (2006)
* Ochean Tea(2005)
* Golden Hydroxide Peroxide- Contact Lens Sanitary Fluid
* CATCH Chocolate Stick
* MEIKE Sport Shoes
* Kuo-Nong Fresh Milk
* CHA CAH 90 Motorcycle
* CHA CAH 50 Motorcycle


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